Sew Over It Libby Shirt

Written By Joy Margot - 02 April 2019


15 May 2019

bias tape, also known as Bias Binding, is made from strips of fabric which are used as edging in a variety of sewing projects, including the making of clothing and quilting work. Bias tape is, as the name implies, a long strip of fabric cut on the bias. The bias of a fabric is also known as the cross-grain, and refers to a cut made at a 45° angle to the threads of the fabric. Basic fabrics are made by weaving threads together at 90° angles. Thus by cutting along a 45° angle, the cut is made directly across, rather than along, the lines of the woven threads.

04 April 2019

I have yet to try and make a shirt again after my disastrous shirt make after I first learnt to sew but this has made me want to try again! Really love it and it looks gorgeous on you

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