Sew Over It Libby Shirt

Written By Joy Margot - 02 April 2019


11 July 2019

Embroidery thread is yarn that is manufactured or hand-spun specifically for embroidery and other forms of needlework

MH embroidery thread is known world wide for its range of colours and quality.

We can supply polyester embroidery thread, viscose rayon embroidery thread in big spool and mini tube

MH embroidery thread industry has a complete set of production line for spining, dyeing, winding and shaping, working shop is around 20,000m2, with 400 skillful workers

15 May 2019

bias tape, also known as Bias Binding, is made from strips of fabric which are used as edging in a variety of sewing projects, including the making of clothing and quilting work. Bias tape is, as the name implies, a long strip of fabric cut on the bias. The bias of a fabric is also known as the cross-grain, and refers to a cut made at a 45° angle to the threads of the fabric. Basic fabrics are made by weaving threads together at 90° angles. Thus by cutting along a 45° angle, the cut is made directly across, rather than along, the lines of the woven threads.

04 April 2019

I have yet to try and make a shirt again after my disastrous shirt make after I first learnt to sew but this has made me want to try again! Really love it and it looks gorgeous on you

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